The Kaya Railway is an old private railway in Kaya County of Kyoto Prefecture, and one of the famous heritage railway in Japan.

The Rocket and Railway History in Britain

 The directors of the Liverpool & Manchester company were unsure whether to use locomotives or stationary engines on their line. To help them reach a decision, it was decided to hold a competition where the winning locomotive would be awarded £500. The idea being that if the locomotive was good enough, it would be the one used on the new railway.

 The competition began at Rainhill on 6th October, 1829. The locomotives had to run twenty times up and down the track at Rainhill which made the distance roughly equivalent to a return trip between Liverpool and Manchester. Ten locomotives were originally entered for the competition. But only five turned up and two of these were withdrawn during the first couple of days of the trials. Sans Pareil and Novelty did well at first, but suffered mechanical problems. It was the Rocket, produced by George and his son, Robert Stephenson, that won the competition.

No.2 Steam Locomotive and Railway History in Japan


 Robert Stephenson & Company was the first locomotive builders in the world formed in 1823.

 No.2 steam locomotive was built by the Robert Stephenson Co. in 1873. It was imported from England to run over the Osaka - Kobe section of the Imperial Government Railway of Japan in May 1874.  The initial number of this locomotive was No.12, but it changed to No.123 in 1912.

 In 1926, Kaya Railway bought this locomotive named No.2 from Hikami Railway, Shimane Pref.,and it was used until 1956.

 No.2 steam locomotive is one of the oldest steam locomotives in Japan.
On June 9, 2005, locomotive No.2 was designated as an important cultural property together with its locomotive ledgers.


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