The Kaya Railway is

 an old private railway

in Kaya County of

   Kyoto Prefecture,

and one of the famous

heritage railway in Japan.



History Of Kaya Railway

Kaya railway was established in April 1925 by some promoters and also many supporters of this county. These supporters gave about 300,000yen to fund this railway. Many of them are textile manufacturers of silk cloth called "Tango Chilimen". In December 1926, this company started railway transportation business between Tango-Yamada and Kaya, 5.7km distance, 3ft-6in gauge and a steam power locomotive used. In September 1934, this railway began omnibus transportation business in this county and Miyazu-town. But in 1939, this railway was used for industrial purposes of transporting nickel ore from the mine to factory near the Miyazu bay. After the World War Ⅱ, this railway change for the purpose of local transportation.


In 1970s, an increase of family cars caused the decrease of passengers, and this railway closed its own transportation business in May 1985. And the Kaya Railway changed its name to Kaya Kosan in Dec.1985. Kaya Kosan also started in 1959 general constructor business, a omnibus transportation business and sightseeing business. Heritage railway is one branch of sightseeing industry.


An Outlined History Of Kaya Railway

Apr 1925 Establishment of Kaya Railway Company in fund of 300,000yen
Dec 1926 Start of railway transportation between Tango-yamada and Kaya(5.7km,3ft-6in gauge,steam powered)
Sep 1934 Start of omnibus transportation
Aug1939 Start of nickel ore transportation
Jun 1944 Suspension of omnibus transportation
May 1952 Restart of omnibus transportation
Jan 1956 Start of steam locomotive preservation and exhibition
Apr 1959 Start of general constructor business
May 1985 Withdrawal of railway transportation
Jul 1955 Suspension of Preserved Kaya Railway
Nov 1996 Renewal of Preserved Kaya Railway


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